HIGHLIGHTS OF CURRENT ISSUE:Volume 2 | Issue 2 | July - December 2019:

Lupus nephritis: clinico-biochemical profile of cases from a tertiary care renal referral centree

Pie- chart showing percentage distribution of patients characteristics at presentation

ABSTRACT: Introduction: Systemic lupus erythematosis is a multi-systemic disorder where renal impairemnet is seen and remains the most dangerous life threatening complication.

AUTHORS: Mythri KM, Kowsalya R

KEYWORDS: Lupus, nephritis, renal


Comparative study of use of dry and wet temporalis fascia Graft in type-1 Tympanoplasty

Figure 1: Harvested dry temporalis fascia graft, Figure 2: Dry temporalis fascia graft histology

ABSTRACT: Introduction: Tympanoplasty is a procedure to eradicate disease in the middle ear and to reconstruct the hearing mechanism.

AUTHORS:Naveen K, Jyothi Swarup R, Mohan M, Mereen Susan Roy, Sanjana P

KEYWORDS: Tympanoplasty, chronic otitis media, temporalis fascia graft.


Management of total circumferential degloving injury of lower leg with immediate flap cover and skin grafting by graft derived from degloved skin: A case report

Figure 1: Circumferential degloving of the left lower leg skin, Figure 2: Completely healed skin grafted wound (3 month following injury)

ABSTRACT: Degloving soft tissue injuries of lower limb are serious and debilitating condition. Deciding on the most appropriate treatment is often difficult.

AUTHORS: Sunil NP, Chandan GB, Shivakumar, Venkatesh NS

KEYWORDS: :Degloving injury, skin graft



A rare case of benign flecked retina - A case report

Figure 3 : Autofluoresence of the drusens

ABSTRACT: The term Familial Dominant Drusen is used to describe a group of visual conditions in which radiating drusens and macular degeneration occurs in young patients.

AUTHORS: Sushmitha MS, Niharika Shetty

KEYWORDS: Familial Dominant Drusen, radiating drusen, Benign flecked retina syndrome.


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