Message from the Chancellor

Sree Siddhartha Medical College

Message From The Chancellor

The world of education is witnessing a paradigm shift. Among many things, adaptive learning solutions, futuristic trends and industryready training methodologies are shaping the way learning is imparted.

Over the years, Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education has emerged as a trusted destination for quality education in Medicine, Dental, Engineering & Technology, nurturing an all-inclusive platform for emerging talents, empowering them with solid foundational skills, a spirit of enquiry and enterprise, and inculcating a value-based, societycentric outlook.

The University looks forward to welcoming young learners to undertake an exciting journey of discovery and empowerment.

The focus goes beyond education.

SSMC aims to prepare students for life - ingraining in them the psyche of the eternal student - empowering them to be leaders in their own right.