On-going Projects

Ongoing Research Programmes in SSMC :


Ant carcinogenic effects of natural & synthetic disulphide in induced Hepatoma in rats.

New Biochemical markers in Critical care in coronary heart disease.

Hypoglycemic effect of disulfides in experimental diabetes mellitus.

Anti-atherosclerotic effect of disulphide in rats fed atherogenic diet

Biochemical aspects of malaria.


Anaerobic infections in and around tumkur.

Neonatal Septicemia.

Bacterial Vaginosis.

Mycotic Keratitis.

Enter pathogens in Children.


Clinical Study – Management of fracture shaft of tibia by closed interlocking intramedullary nailing in adults.


PEFR in lower respiratory disorders in Children.

Rapid diagnosis of neonatal sepsis by Buffy coat examination.

Risk factor for preterm delivery and their morality and morbidity.

Obsterics and Gynaecology

Clinical Study of magnesium sulfate intramuscular v/s intravenous in patients with eclampsia.


Study of osskular defects in csom and its managements

CT correlated study of Anatomic variations of Para nasal sinuses

CT Study of Sin nasal inflammatory diseases


Profile and Clinic radiological correlation in patients with stroke score and Guy’s Hospital Score

Evidence of silent myocardial ischemia in type-l diabetics evaluation by tread mill test.

Profile of patients with organ phosphorus compound poisoning : Special reference to Pseudo Cholinesterase and morality.

Lung function test in asymptomatic smokers.

Fructosamine assay as a marker of glycemic control in Diabetics.

Radio Diagnosis

High resolution computed tomography in pulmonary tuberculosis


Isolation of common fungus in corneal ulcer patients as reported at SSMCH.

Post operative astigmatism following cataract surgery.

Causes of decreased vision after cataract surgery ( < 6/24 ).


Acute abdomen – correlation between clinical radiological and operative findings.

Clinical study of Post-Operative wound infections.

Comparative study of incisional hernia repair between anatomical and mesh