We aspire to be at the highest levels on key factors such as talent and prestige of faculty, quality of students, career opportunities for graduates, depth and breadth of curriculum, and excellence of facilities and learning environment. Yet we differ from other other Institutions in important ways such as our focus, personal scale, emphasis on group learning and teamwork, the commitment of our faculty to excellence in both research and teaching, and the extraordinary levels of involvement and support we receive from our alumni.

Faculty members who are equipped to coach their wards in both the clinical and academic aspects, from best-in-class ICT classrooms. Each department has a well stocked reference library, internet facilities for staff and students and state-ofthe-art research laboratories at par with the country's leading medical institutes.

The Institution regularly invites speakers of repute to deliver lectures on recent medical trends, and conducts state level conferences, CMEs, seminars and workshops. The departments also conduct Community Oriented Research, timely Medical Exhibitions and an array of Health Awareness Programs, aimed at disseminating knowledge to body donors and the general public.

Our dedicated team of faculty members undergo continuing medical education and attend state, national and international level conferences where they frequently interact with eminent scientists from across the country and around the world. The team explores innovative, integrated teaching methodologies and regularly contribute to academic publications.