Medical Educational Unit

The Medical Education Unit has been the pioneer in the field of training medical teachers and was established to promote training of health care professionals in educational science and technology and to apply systematic educational planning to medical education. The faculties in the department are trained at St John Medical College, Bangalore which is the nodal centre. The Department has been conducting the Medical education technology training since its inception. The department is committed by conducting faculty development programs such as MCI Revised Basic Course Workshop (RBCW) in Medical Education Technologies, MCI Attitude Ethics and Communication Module (AETCOM) and Curriculum Implementation Support Program (CISP).

In addition to the above, the department of medical education conducts annual programmes such as Training Course on teaching technology for Dental faculties and Senior Residents. It also conducts Interns Orientation Programme on Quality Care, Postgraduate Orientation Programme on synopsis and dissertation writing, Research Methodology workshop and Foundation Course for first year MBBS students. Induction program for the fresh appointees will be conducted regarding teaching technologies. The skills lab in the Department of Medical Education provides hand-on training for the faculty, students and residents in simulation-based education for developing clinical and decision-making skills. The department undertakes specific roles in planning and guiding the curriculum committee in curriculum development. The overall responsibility of implementing and monitoring the curriculum is by the medical education unit. It also provides support to DNB postgraduates of District hospital.



To make the Medical Education Unit as one of the Nodal Centre for Health Profession Education.



To promote excellence in faculty development for quality medical education and professionalism.



To serve as a central department to monitor the teaching, learning and assessment processes of the Institute.

Recommend policies and provide educational solutions to ensure standard of teaching learning, assessment and evaluation and student support services.

Support periodic review of curriculum.

Provide teaching assistance in imparting educational science for students of medical and Dental sciences.

Conduct professional development programmes.

Support research in medical education.

Document/maintain database to facilitate accreditation process.



Educational & Training Programmes in Medical Education

Foundation Course for first year MBBS

Interns Orientation Program on Quality Care for MBBS (twice a year)

First Year Postgraduate Orientation programme on Research, Ethics, Communication & Quality Care for MD/MS

Research Methodology workshop for postgraduates

Third year Postgraduate (Scientific Writing)

Training in Medical Education Technologies for faculties (once a year)

Short faculty development workshops

Curriculum Development Programmes



Office email:




Dr. S C Mahapatra, Principal



Dr. Geetha JP, Professor of Pathology



1 Dr G.N. Prabhakara Professor and Head of Surgery
2 Dr Manjunath GN Professor and Head of Pharmacology
3 Dr Jyothi Swarup Professor and HOD of ENT
4 Dr Chandru Prof and HOD of Forensic medicine
5 Dr Kumar GV Professor and Head of Pediatrics
6 Dr.Shivanand.D.R Prof & HOD Dermatology
7 Dr Deepali A Professor and Head of Physiology
8 Dr Kavya Professor of Anatomy
9 Dr Venkatesh P Professor of Community medicine
10 Dr Srinath Professor of Surgery
11 Dr Swetha R Professor of Community medicine
12 Dr.Natraj.G Prof of General Medicine
13 Dr.Nandini.T Professor, Pharmacology
14 Dr.Usha Rani Assoc Prof, Community Medicine
15 Dr Akshatha R Associate Professor of Psychiatry
16 Mr. Riyaz Ahmed Statistician



Activities conducted by Medical Education Unit annually

Orientation and induction Program for MBBS, Interns and Postgraduates

Foundation Program for 1st MBBS students

Invited lectures for enrichment

Career guidance for interns

BLS and ACLS workshop for interns

Synopsis writing for PGs

Research methodology workshop for PGs

Dissertation writing for PGs

Review of Dissertation and its progress

Induction program for faculty

RBMET workshops for Faculties

CISP training for faculties

The focus goes beyond education.

SSMC aims to prepare students for life - ingraining in them the psyche of the eternal student - empowering them to be leaders in their own right.